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Our Mission and Who We Are

The mission of the Genoa Public Library is to provide access to ideas, information, experiences, and materials that support and enrich the lives of those in our community.

Our library is located in the heart of downtown Genoa at 240 W Main Street.  Our district serves 5,263 residents and shares the same district boundaries as the City of Genoa.  The library is supported by local tax dollars and has a projected operating budget of $271,803.21 for the FY2022/23.

(Areas in brown indicate Genoa Public Library District boundaries)

 The Genoa Public Library contains more than 22,000 books, over 500 audio recordings, and more than 1,000 DVDs.  In addition, the Library has 85 print serial subscriptions including magazines and newspapers.   

The Genoa Public Library has 8 Internet computers available for use.  The first ten copies are free; afterwards, printing is available for $0.20 per page (B/W) and $0.50 per page (Full color).  The library also has free, password protected Wi-Fi available for your devices.  In addition, the library provides copy services, scan services, and fax services.

The Genoa Public Library has three full-time staff members and three part-time members ready to serve you.   

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