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The library building may be closed right now due to COVID-19 but all of our online resources are available 24/7.  If you are a resident of the library district and would like to obtain a library card to access our online resources, please complete the form below which includes upoading a picture of your current driver's license and a picture of a current piece of official mail (like a utility bill or bank statement) that shows your name and address.  You will be contacted by the email address you provided. 

Any library account created due to COVID-19 will receive a library barcode and pin number to access online resources immediately.  Patrons will then be contacted to schedule a pick-up time to collect their physical cards from the library foyer.


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Each card comes with a key tag too!



The Genoa Public Library District currently serves a population of 5,200. The library district shares the same physical boundaries as the City of Genoa.



To be eligible for a library card, a person must be a resident of the Genoa Public Library District and be at least 6 years of age.  Identification and proof of residency (such as a recent bill with your address on it) are required at the time a library card is issued.



Children not yet 16 years of age (but over 6 years of age) must have a parent or guardian apply for them. Before a child receives a library card, a parent or guardian of the child must come to the library and provide proof of address. 



The Genoa Public Library participates in the Illinois Non-Resident Library Card Program.  Persons residing outside the Genoa Public Library District and not entitled to the services of any tax-supported public library may purchase a library card.  The non-resident card fee is determined using an acceptable formula as outlined by the Illinois State Library.  This is an annual fee.  The fee for a non-resident card is determined by applying the tax rate of the district (.0029320) to the Net Assessed Valuation of the applicant’s property.  If the person applying for a library card rents the property in which he or she resides, the fee for the library card is determined by multiplying the monthly rent times 15%.  A canceled check or rent receipt no older than three months old is required.  Reciprocal borrowing privileges are extended according to State and System requirements.

 Persons who own taxable property within the library district but who do not reside in the library district are entitled to a non-resident card upon presentation of a current property tax bill.  Persons who lease commercial (business) property within the library district but do not reside in the library district are entitled to a non-resident card upon the presentation of a current property lease. 

For more information on non-resident fees for the Genoa Public Library District, click here.

 For FAQ's about non-resident fees in the State of Illinois, click here.



Use of a library card is transferable among members of the same household for borrowing privileges except when the individual presenting another household member’s card has outstanding fines on their own card.  Your pin number is automatically set as the last four digits of your library card number.



Parents or guardians are financially responsible for all materials checked out on a childʼs card.  A parent or guardian may be blocked from library use when a child for whom they are responsible has accrued $9.99 in excess fines and/or overdue materials.



As a general rule, all resident library cards expire three years from the date of issue and all non-resident library cards expire one year from the date of issue.