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11 am Author Visit:  Melanie Holmes

Event poster for a day of adventure with author at Genoa Public Library on March 9th, book sale for $22.50, various payment methods accepted.

Author Melanie Holmes' will be visiting the Genoa Public Library to present her new book "100 Things to Do in Illinois Before You Die".  Her new statewide bucket list book answers the question, "How well do you know your region/state?"  Part of Reedy Press' nationwide line of books, Holmes researched "hot spots" in the arts, entertainment, food, parks, culture, history, and even geology.  She has tips for day jaunts, weekend trips, and weeklong excursions -- all within Illinois.  Holmes will also offer a segment called, "windshield travel;" which will include things you can see from your car (nice for those with physical challenges, or differently-abled). 

Saturday, March 9th @ 11 am

Questions?  Call the library at 815-784-2627

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