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Summer Reading 2021

May contain: giraffe, animal, mammal, and wildlife

Are you ready to get Wild for Reading?

 Join us for a fun program designed to engage all age groups in exploring new ideas, books, and activities. The program is free and does not require a library card. 

Everything will be available through Beanstack. Beanstack is a free online service that offers an innovative new way to connect children and their families with books and educational reading activities that match each person’s interests, ages, and reading level.  It also includes book and activity logging, badges, and registration for all members of the family under one account. 

Beginning May, 24th 2021, you can begin registering for Summer Reading which will officially kick-off on June 14, 2021.  Parents will be able to create one account to manage all of their children.  Beanstack will automatically direct you to the appropriate challenges based on age.  This summer there are four age groups:  babies & toddlers, kids, teens, and adults.  On June 14th, you can view the available activities, enter the books you have read, write book reviews, and more, located exclusively in Beanstack!  You will receive tickets for prizes as you progress and be entered into drawings at the end of the summer.  To register, visit the Beanstack website (here) or login through the app available for Android or iOS. 

 If you wish to be contacted about prizes and drawings, please include an email address or telephone number as part of your Beanstack profile.


Sign-up for events (here)


Check out the aweseme prizes you could win! 


What if I don't have internet at home?

You can still sign-up for the summer reading program! During open library hours at our Self-Check Out computer will be converted to a Beanstack portal. You can come in and log everything you need. You could also give us a call, 815-784-2627 to update it as well. 

I don't have a library card, can I still sign-up?

Of course! Our Summer Reading Programs have always been available to patrons who don't have a library card.

Can I still do the programs if I'm not registered for Summer Reading?

Unfortunately, no. All of our programming and information will be located on Beanstack. That's also how you mark that you went to the program.

Will there be participation tickets?

Not in the way that we had before. We won't be handing out physical tickets, everything will be digital. When you go to or complete a program all you have to do is check it off and it will be saved on Beanstack. As you complete each badge you will be awarded with tickets. The more programs you go to and do the more tickets you'll get! 

 Are You Requiring Masks for Outdoor Programs?

Per, the CDC guidelines we are recommending that all patrons wear masks and practice social distancing. But, we are leaving it up to the individual.